Photographers Auckland
 Syd Mannion is one of Auckland's, if not New Zealand's,
     leading photographers. What ever your photographic
          requirements, be they pack shots, head shots,
               product shots, fashion or lingerie, body shots,
                    illustrative, editorial shots for magazines, or
                        event photography, catalogue, industrial
, corporate photography,
                                furniture, high end Advertising
, room sets, food
, simple retouching
                                            or complex image manipulation.
                                                 Syd Mannion will work
                                                       anywhere - on location,
                                                          at your place or in the
                                                             studio. For your
                                                                 photography he is
                                                                       the only choice
                                                                          you need to
Photographers Auckland
With over 20 year's experience in every area of photography you can imagine, (and a few you may not), I have the experience to tackle any photographic project.

I transfer the copyright of all images to my clients for multiple uses in perpetuity on receipt
of payment in full.

You also get value for money.
If I don't shoot in a studio,
you don't pay for a studio. You only pay for what you get.

I provide a personal,
professional and
dedicated service.

Let my experience enhance
your experience.

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Syd Mannion is one of Auckland's leading photographers, and is well respected throughout New Zealand. He works confidently and adeptly in all areas of commercial and advertising photography and has an extensive and impressive portfolio.

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